Friday, August 26, 2011

The End of Semester 1, Final Year. :D :D :D !

   Maka, inilah satu keriangan yang ditunggu2 setelah sekian setengah sem 1 ni. Alhamdulillah, semuanya dapat diatasi sepanjang satu sem ni. I believe it is among the best ever semester since I registered because firstly I've met with too many new friends and get closer with them with lepak-lepaking with them to release my stress and gossips is like all over the time and I like it. Secondly,  I didn't expect that I can handle all the messy2 things to faced up sepanjang this semester and after I finished my last paper yesterday, on 26 August 2011, I realized that I can handled all the assigments and my proposal defense for HR Research and the exams. Also, I still cannot imagine how can I punch and sound people extremely until some of colleagues called me "ayahanda", it was the 1st time I did it. Wow ! hahaha ! And about my sweetheart, it was the 1st time she jealousy for me. haha.  But it is among the most hardest thing I've to cover up. Sorry sayang. I promise it will never happened again. And about the Bazar Ramadhan, I think this year is the last year of Ramadhan I went to Bandar Muadzam Shah's bazar and it was the best went to bazar ever because I went with my new closer colleagues and sweetheart and I love it :D  Andddd also, this semester la aku dan rakan2 seperjuangan finished the examination sehingga ke hari paling terakhir. Tapi sekarang apa de hal, we're sweethome ! and in the happiness mood to celebrating HARI RAYAAAAAAAA and also in the same time it's to celebrate 54th MERDEKAAAAAAA !!!!!! :D :D :D Alhamdulillah for every single thing ya Allah. :)

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